Working with kids who have to struggle through life is work I love. There is nothing more satisfying than to help a child develop skills they never knew they had. Or to see the sense of accomplishment and pride in their eyes when they direct someone to a website they helped put up. Or when they look at a portfolio that has taken months to assemble - and they can't believe it's theirs. The youth I work with have taught me just how important every success is to a child.

Nothing in this world beats the look in a young person's eyes when they accomplish something no one ever thought possible, including them.

I am a Master Artist with VSA arts of Indiana, an organization that sends artists out into the schools to provide arts education services to children w/disabilities, in both special education and inclusive classrooms. I have also done residencies in alternative school settings, the Indiana Juvenile Correctional Facility (formerly Indiana Girls School) as well as Larue Carter Hospital, a state psychiatric hospital.

Some of the projects I've done include:

Fowler Elementary Photography Project, Fowler, Indiana (2003)

BALC Photography Project, Evansville, Indiana (2002)

Larue Carter Computer Art Project
; digital photography & computer art (2001)

IPS Youth Day Treatment; visual art, computer art, photography, webpage development (1999-2001)

Journaling and Portfolio Projects at Indiana Juvenile Correctional Facility (formerly Indiana Girls School) (1998-2002)

"Peace Pole" Project at IJCF (2001)

Eleanor Skillen IPS School #34 (2000)

Monon Trail Mural Project; website development with Shortridge students (1999).

"Journey of the Soul"; writing (1999)

Arts After School at IPS 56; computer art (1999)

Summer Art Studio at IPS 60 (1999)